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Gargoyles By Susan "Moonwriter" Pesznecker

Gargoyles takes you on a journey into a mysterious world, through bestiaries and traveling menageries, past grotesques and chimeras, through medieval cities and guilds and into huge stone buildings. Gargoyles are an embodiment of form and function serving a clear architectural purpose but also symbolically important. Whether warding off evil, frightening away fear, or showcasing human foibles, when a gargoyle was placed on a building, people noticed.

Gargoyles will introduce you to stone faces, doom stones, drinking heads, Sheila na gigs, hagodays, and other stony members of the gargoyle family. In doing so, it delves into historic models of arcane craftsmanship and architecture, considering the reasons that gargoyles came into being and hearing the legends of the gargoyle, both mythic and modern. It also covers the emergence of stone creatures into popular culture.

For modern magick users, Gargoyles explores the role of the gargoyle in magickal practice, including gargoyle use in elemental correspondences, stone magick, protection, warding, egregores, talismans, animal associations, ritual, and spell work. It also includes a "field book" of gargoyles, both old and new, that can still be seen and appreciated today.


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